How to get matches and dates on sex apps every time

Sex Dating Matches

Meeting new people online is for everybody. At least, that is what dating apps want to have you believe. The truth is that internet hookups work as a series of games, but not everyone’s a winner. Matches and dates are the prizes that you get for playing them well. If your trophy cabinet is empty, then you need to upgrade your sex app game!

Our guide on how to get more matches and dates on apps like Tinder will take your game to the next level. Read on to find out how to make online dating work for you!

How to Choose Your Best Profile Photo

Most people use dating apps by swiping left and right. Few are the ones that take the time to click on your profile and read your bio. The large majority of potential matches on sex apps never get to see 90% of your profile. For this reason alone, your profile photo has to be the best image of you.

If your latest experiences with apps like Tinder have left you empty-handed, you might want to change your profile photo. Now, everyone has a few stills and selfies that they consider as their best pictures. The problem is that your opinion is subjective. What you consider your best photos for dating apps may seem bland and mediocre to others.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! So, you will need to ask someone else to look and behold at your photos. Outside help is an excellent tool for choosing your best sex app profile picture.

For obvious reasons, you cannot ask your mom. She thinks that you look great in all of your photographs. Also, you wouldn’t want to add online dating to the list of reasons for scolding that your mom pulls out every time you meet.

Make a selection of what you consider to be your best photos. Next, show them to your opposite-sex neighbors and friends (if you have any), and even to that gay barista from Starbucks. Ask them for their honest and completely impartial opinions.

Use this ad-hoc survey to identify the image that puts you in the best possible light. To your surprise, you might discover that it is not the one that you have held in the highest regard all along.

Build an Irresistible Profile Bio

Now that you have a stellar profile photo, you have a bigger chance of people clicking on it. Most Tinder-like apps offer the option to write a short autobiography. Your worst mistake is to leave that field empty.

Your profile photo has gotten their curiosity, so they click on your profile. Now, you have their attention. Do not disappoint them!

There are several ways that you can go about creating a profile bio on sex dating apps. Some users choose the safest path. They mention ordinary hobbies such as traveling, listening to music or watching movies. As if it’s difficult to meet people online who enjoy those activities.

That kind of self-description sounds boring, and it is unlikely to get you too many matches. Other users will go too far and give out too many details about themselves and their preferences. Nobody wants to find out your life’s story or pet peeves on hookup apps (at least, not yet).

Your best choice to come up with an irresistible bio page is to be somewhere in the middle. Mention a few of your stand-out passions. Talk about your reasons for using online dating apps. Maintain a bit of mystery and throw in a couple of puns. It should make your potential match smile, and hopefully, swipe right.

Hand-Pick the Rest of the Photos

Dating app users may see your exceptional photo. They may also enjoy reading your short bio description. At this point, you are quite close to getting matches and dates on a sex app. Now, you only need to score the winning goal by adding more likable photos of you.

People consider one-image profiles on hookup apps to be scams or bots. You must have at least a couple more photos in which you look dateable. Add them to your profile, but keep in mind these tips on dating app photographs:

Avoid posting pictures of you wearing sunglasses

“The eyes chico, they never lie!” Manny Ribera from Scarface is right! Your eyes tell a lot about your personality. Potential matches will want to see your eyes to get a better impression of you.

Never upload pictures of you and your ex

You are using a sex dating app because you are single, right? If not, people will not take kindly to your type.

Keep selfies to a minimum

If all of your photos are selfies taken in the bathroom mirror, you show that you lack social contact and friends. These factors make you less dateable.

Post pictures that show you in dynamic activities

Most dating app users like to meet people who practice sports, attend events and live a generally active life. Netflix and chill sound great, but you will get more matches if you show them your couch at a later stage.

Leave out photos in which you pose on purpose

Nobody likes posers. If all of your pictures look like ads for prewashed jeans, you’d better not add them to your dating app profile. Instead, post images in which you act natural, even if you look a bit goofy.

Get Matches by Staying Active

The best sex dating apps work on a complex algorithm that aims to match active users. If you only use these hookup applications once a week, your chances of getting a date decrease dramatically.

Make a habit out of opening your favorite dating app at least twice per day. It doesn’t have to be for long periods. Simply swipe left and right a few times. Check out the users that are online or the potential matches in your area.

This level of activity will tell the sex app that you are ready and willing to date. As a result, you have a bigger chance to top the feed of possible matches for other users.

Remain Open to New Sex App Features

Online dating apps are neck and neck to attract as many users as possible. In their bid for popularity, they come up with new and exciting features frequently. Keep up with these changes to increase your chances of matching with a potential sex date.

One of the most exciting apps for casual dating to appear recently is 6app.Dating. This mobile application for hookups comes with an impressive feature that makes matching and dating easier than ever before.

Instead of wasting your time swiping left and right, you can ask people on dates immediately. The app lets you choose between three possible date options: having dinner in a restaurant, going to the movies or on a special holiday trip. This easy feature takes out the pressure of planning for your first date and lets you focus more on your match.

Furthermore, you can make a Special Proposition to your match, and take casual dating to set up a sex date. This way, 6app.Dating makes finding friends with benefits much easier and hassle-free.

The best thing about this sexy app is that these features are completely free. You do not need to pay for a monthly subscription to get into a no-strings-attached relationship.

Show Your Fun Side

Some people use dating apps just for fun. They like to have a good laugh and get an ego boost from knowing that strangers find them dateable. These users rarely follow up on their intention of going out on a sex date. However, it doesn’t mean that you have zero chances of getting them out of their lairs.

With a few tweaks to your dating app profile, you can prove that you are worth meeting even to people suffering from agoraphobia.

All you need to do is show your fun side. Talk about your quirks and special traits in your profile bio. Everything from juggling to cross-dressing and doing stand-up comedy should impress people that click on your photo.

You have a better chance at matching on hookup apps like Tinder if you don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember that online dating is just a series of entertaining games. Sometimes you win, and other times you lose. The important thing is to have fun while doing it.

Send the Maximum Number of Requests Every Time

Almost every dating app gives you a daily limited number of profiles that you can “like.” On some hookup sites, they are called requests, and they range from 20 to 100 depending on your subscription. A monthly fee will most probably let you swipe until your fingers bleed.

If you stick with the free version of the dating app, you must send the maximum number of requests that you get every day. The process will become tedious after some time, and you will have days in which you will completely forget about it.

To increase your chances of matching and hooking up, use free dating app features to your advantage. You may always be a swipe away from your next friend with benefits.

Learn the Difference between Messaging & Sexting

Most people that are new to sex apps wrongly believe that they can start a sex conversation as soon as they have a match. Unfortunately, this technique seldom works. You might not like beating around the bush, but if you want to hook up, you will have engaged in plain messaging before switching to sexting.

Messaging on dating apps is just as easy as it is on regular mobile applications. You say “Hi,” you introduce yourself, and try to break the ice with a soft, harmless joke. Use the first conversations with your match to find out things about their personality. Discover their reason for using the app and how much does their sense of humor can take.

Once you are knee-deep into a conversation, you can gradually transform messaging into sexting. Most people are on dating apps to meet potential sex partners, so it shouldn’t come out as strange. Try not to be sound aggressive, desperate or clingy in your approach. Throw the ball into their field with a soft sex pun, and if they kick it back to you, it means that the mating game is on!

Don’t Give Up!

Apps like Tinder can often seem to deceive at first, especially for guys. Dating sites for hookups are generally women’s playgrounds as they get matches much easier than most men. The latter don’t have the privilege to nitpick their dates. So, if you are a guy using an app to meet new people, you will need to arm yourself with considerable patience.

If you have not gotten any match after a few days of using a sex dating app, wait a bit more. Use the spare time to make changes to your profile. Add more text to your bio page, maybe take and upload new photos. At this stage of the dating game, you have nothing to lose.

Also, maintain your patience even when you have a few matches already but the conversations linger on forever. Do a short analysis of your messaging skills and discover why setting up a date is difficult. Maybe you are being too shy or too desperate to meet. Maybe you reveal too many details about your life or maybe the other person is less into casual dating and more into quick hookups.

Use Paid Subscriptions to Get Dates

Last, but not least, when everything else fails, you can always pay for the monthly subscription on a dating app. is a cool hookup application with plenty of free features. It is also one of the few sex apps that help the less fortunate users. By paying the monthly subscription, you get the privilege to appear first in the feeds of other users. This way, you have better odds of getting more matches and dates on this awesome app for sex dating.