Are sex dating apps safe? What you need to know before getting in bed with a stranger

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Online dating is a quick way to meet new people. Hookup sites link you to other horny singles in your area. A few swipes and some cheesy sexting can help you slip into a one night stand or a lifelong romance. It only takes your best photos, your location, some personal data and your credit card details. At this point, you might wonder: are sex dating apps safe?

The best dating apps are convenient when looking for friends with benefits. They help you skip social protocol and get straight to some good, clean fun. When it comes to no-strings-attached relationships, they give you the best odds of success.

However, hookup sites are not entirely safe. Most people use dating apps for casual sex without realizing the risks that they pose. 

Sure, it is easy and exciting to hook up with someone without leaving your couch. But, what is the price that you pay for this comfort? Is your identity safe? Do you become an easy target for scams? Do dating apps put your life in danger?

Today, we take a closer look at the most popular sex apps and how safe they are. Consider these online dating precautions before getting in bed with a stranger!

What are dating apps?

Dating sites and apps for meeting people appeared naturally from the global propagation of internet usage. The virtual world helps people connect for a variety of reasons. Romance and sex are two human pursuits that could not have missed from this revolution in social interaction.

Some of the first sites for hooking up appeared in the mid-1990s, like and The advent of smart technology a decade later saw the transition of dating apps from desktop computers to mobile phones. People could now meet singles in their area wherever they went. 

Social media became a worldwide sensation, and sex apps started using similar algorithms and interfaces to appeal to users. Hookup sites and apps like Tinder followed the trend of universal popularity, and adults of all ages began using them.

Nowadays, using dating apps is as common as watching weather reports. Almost everyone uses them for casual sex. Some even hope for meaningful relationships to spur out of online hookups. But, the bottom line is that we all take them for granted.

Why people use sex apps?

The classic era of picking someone up for casual sex in public places is over. People used to go out, talk to random strangers and hope for the best. Nowadays, you hope someone will like your 2013 swimsuit photos enough to meet in person and maybe get in bed together.

The dating paradigm has changed considerably. Sex apps provide shortcuts to no strings attached relationships. People care about looks more than ever, and personality traits matter less when all you want is a one night stand.

All of these factors appeal to people who use dating apps to:

  • Get a confidence boost
  • Meet new people
  • Make friends
  • Engage in harmless sexting
  • Have casual sex
  • Enjoy a romantic adventure
  • Find a soulmate

You will find most of these potential positive outcomes in the inviting ads of all hookup apps. And, none of them is false advertising. You can experience any or all of those happy endings when using online dating.

However, as it is the case with most social media services, sex apps and dating sites come with a fair share of risks for users. Not everyone who uses them has good intentions. Some people simply like to watch the world burn, and they will take something as positive as online dating and use it for:

  • Phishing scams
  • Personal data theft
  • Fraud
  • Hacking
  • Stalking

Other, more severe events may result from using apps to meet people. But, then again, disturbing dating experiences can occur just as likely when you engage in the traditional ways of hooking up.

What makes a sex dating app safe?

Most sex dating apps come with sophisticated security systems that make them reasonably safe. The most popular hookup sites have entire armies of developers that work to keep these systems in check. Regular updates improve user protection and keep up with technological breakthroughs to prevent internet scams and hacks.

Almost all dating apps use SSL-encrypted channels to transfer the data that you provide to their servers. They use analytics modules that enlist information about your devices like smartphone model and the serial number. Additional data about your location, time and duration of use also make the object of this mandatory transfer.  

Sensitive data like login details, personal information, and phone number, as well as the photos and videos that you upload, are the information that hackers generally seek. Even the best hookup apps face a constant battle to maintain this information safe and protect the user’s experience.

Before installing a new dating service on your phone, you should do a bit of research about its safety features. Read user reviews and even seek professional advice to understand if that sex app will reward you with more than just higher chances for casual hookups.

Here are some user protection features on sex apps that you should consider:

A Legitimate User Agreement Policy

Take the time to read the User Agreement Policy that most dating apps employ. There you should find out how the company behind the hookup service uses the data that you provide.

Fraud Prevention Measures

Dating apps do not require extensive background checks for their users. It means that anyone can create an account by using false information. You can stay safe on a sex app that employs a high level of security. For example, 6app.Dating is a new hookup service that uses the latest high-security algorithm to prevent fraud and user data hack attacks.

Subscription Fee Regulations

Most dating apps and hookup sites have both a free version and a subscription-based one that gives paying users additional perks. Try to avoid sex apps that ask you for credit card details as part of the profile creation process. 

First, try the free version of the app before deciding if it is worthy and safe enough to add a payment method to your profile.

Blocking and Reporting Features

All the best dating apps give you the option to block other users. When the experience with one of them gets a bit scary or when sexting gets out of control, you can safely block, unmatch or remove them from your profile. From then on, they should not be able to view or contact you anymore.

Most apps for casual sex also help you keep the community safe and clean by reporting suspicious accounts. You can do so for users that you consider to have fake accounts or ill intentions.

How to use dating apps safely?

Consider using a dating app as the first contact with a stranger that you will eventually become your sexual partner. As it is the case with all casual sex encounters, protection is fundamental. Make sure that you use it from the moment you hit the “Download” button in the app store.

There are several safety guidelines for using dating apps that you should consider. The most critical sex app precautions to take include:

Do not use your real name

A common mistake that many dating app users make is providing their real names. While most hookup sites do not let you search other people by their names, it is still not a good idea to offer them. Use a pseudonym for starters and remember it when going out with your match. This way, you can avoid identity theft and keep your future personal life in check.

Only provide basic personal data

A dating service helps most people meet friends with benefits. Consider revealing only necessary personal data when registering on them, such as location, age, and height. Sex apps are not Facebook accounts. You do not have to share your entire life in the bio area. Keep those details for your start real-life dates. It will make conversations more interesting.

Use real photos for your profile

While you can safely use a pen name when it comes to the profile photos, you should always use authentic images of you. First off, they will help you get in line with the main guidelines of honesty and good faith that dating apps employ. 

Secondly, if you use other people’s pictures, the best sex dating apps will deactivate your account and ban your device from future registrations.

Consider linking your social media profiles

One of the trickiest parts about using dating apps is the linking of social media profiles. Most hookup sites allow you to connect your Facebook account or your Instagram photos to your sex app profile. It increases your validity on the network and provides other users with more information about you.

However, mixing social media with dating services is something that you will need to consider carefully before doing it.

First off, ill-intended users may use them to stalk you, find out your address and your phone number without you even talking to them.

If you might have a professional career that does not go well with sex app profiling. In this case, you might want to keep your hunt for friends with benefits entirely under the covers.

How to use sex app messaging

A basic profile on a dating service should include a name, basic personal info and a few real photos. Once you upload them, you should be free to swipe left and right for Mr. or Mrs Right. Quite soon, you should get a match, and that is when the fun begins!

You can now start messaging your potential future date. There are no written rules for this endeavour, which should work like regular mobile texting. The most important thing is that you always remain in control by:

  • Never click on links that other users send you
  • Do not exchange sensitive personal information
  • Do not share your exact location
  • Never provide your credit card details

Stay on the dating app

When using an app for casual sex, you should never accept to communicate with another user outside the platform if they do not seem safe. Spend some time knowing the person at the other end before sharing your phone number.

Real-Life Dating – From your couch to the stranger’s bed

Once you’ve grown comfortable with your match on a dating app, you can take things further and set up a real-life date. At this point, you should have a good feeling about your potential future partner. However, you are not out of the murky waters of online dating yet. Here are some things you need to consider:

Ask for live video proof

You have the other person’s phone number, but how do you know if they are true to their profile photos?

One popular dating service can help you on that matter. 6app.Dating is an app for casual sex that lets you ask for live video proof of your match before going out on a date. This way, you can be sure that you meet the same person that you have been sexting with for the past two weeks.

Inform your friends about your date

When you set up an appointment on a sex app, always inform other people about it. It may feel kinkier to keep complete secrecy about it, but if you value your safety, you should let one good friend know about it.

Again, 6app.Dating, one of the safest hookup services, stays true to its reputation with a fantastic feature. This sex app keeps live tabs on your geolocation at all times during your date. You can share your exact position on the map with your friends, and they will continuously know about your whereabouts.

Meet your match in a safe, public space

Always meet your match in an open area for your first date. Choose a restaurant, a mall or a busy park and pick a daylight hour. This way, you can increase the safety factor and ensure that your date does not have ill intentions.

Stay in control

Just because you are on a date with someone you met on a sex app does not mean you have to go straight to bed with them. Always stay in control of your decisions and only move further with your date if you feel entirely comfortable.

Play it cool, and trust your guts! They will tell you if your hookup on a dating app is worthy of becoming your next friend with benefits.