20 Dating App Tips Every Guy Should Know

Sex dating app facts

Hooking up on dating apps is generally more difficult for men than it is for women. Whether they are looking for sex dates or romance meeting new people is tricky for most guys. If you haven’t had any luck on dating sites so far, you might find these 20 hookup app facts helpful for your love-finding mission!

Looks and hobbies matter the most

Dating apps have been around for some time. So, most people already know what they want to get from them. Even new users of sex sites get the hang of it quite quickly. 

The game is simple: you swipe left and right looking for the most attractive profiles. When you find them, you check if they have similar hobbies as you do.

Therefore, if you are a guy using sex dating apps, you should ensure that you post the best photos of you. They will increase your chances of hooking up.

Also, add some cool passions to your hobby list. You may never know when a snowboarding, reggae-listening match that enjoys baking as much as you do pops up.

Smiling gets you more matches

Walking down the street with a serious look on your face may turn some heads around in admiration. If you smile all the time, people might think you’re missing a screw. 

On hookup apps, things work differently, and quite the opposite. Looking like your pet fish has just died will turn many of your potential matches off. The same goes for pictures in which you wear sunglasses.

Dating sites are places where people want to feel safe and comfortable. What is more reassuring and calming than a pretty smile? So, put on your best-beaming face and take a few photos that will ensure your success on sex apps.

The first contact has a hidden clue

One thing that many guys get wrong on dating apps is the first approach. Getting a match on hookup sites is an exciting event. Once it happens to you, the first instinct is to say “Hello!” and try to pave your way to their bed.

However, sometimes it pays better if you don’t make the first move. If a female user has an interest in you, she will make the initial contact. In this simple interaction, you may discover that they are more eager to meet you than you would expect. 

Location matters on hookup apps

Using a free dating app in a large metropolis differs immensely from using it in a small, rural town. First off, in the latter, you have a smaller pool of potential matches. Also, you may be in the awkward situation of swiping through many of your friends and family members.

So, if you want to improve your chances of matching apps like Tinder, you need to relocate to a large city.

Winter is the best time for hooking up

Dating apps are most effective when a substantial number of people feel lonely. Fortunately for you, there is an exact time of the year when all the single people are sad and love-hungry.

Between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, you have the best chances to hookup on a dating app. As the holidays kick in, single people feel the cold, winter nights getting longer and lonelier. Now is the ideal time to install free sex apps and make the best of your swiping game.

Some of the sex app profiles are just for laughs

Now and then, you may stumble upon some weird profiles on dating apps. Some of them have crazy pictures. Others come with ridiculous bio descriptions. You should know that most of these hookup site pages are just for laughs.

Somewhere, a group of drunken or bored friends wanted to have some fun. So, they created a fake profile on a dating app to kid around with strangers. If you match with one of these profiles, and you feel that the conversation is not leading anywhere, you might as well just give up and un-match them.

Half of the dating site users are liars

Hookup apps are great for meeting new people without getting out of your house first. Unfortunately, they enable people to lie about themselves if you cannot see them in person first.

Do not be surprised if the hot girl you matched with on a sex app looks different in real life than in her profile images. People use photo-editing software, fake job titles and personal traits to appear more attractive on dating sites.

Women use dating apps for hookups, too

While most women use dating apps for romance, some girls are on hookup sites just for casual sex. They are a hard find, but they exist. If you use these applications only for friends with benefits too, you might as well use one of the best out there.

6app.Dating is one of the top sex apps that eliminates any useless dialogue and lets you get straight to the point. Its “Special Proposition” feature enables you to ask your match directly if they are up for a sexual fling with no strings attached. It makes the entire dating process less time-wasting and more convenient for everyone.

You have a good chance of meeting “the one”

The number of people finding their “soulmates” on dating apps has increased over the years. Many hookup sites have started with this goal, and so far it seems that they have thoroughly achieved it.

It may take a few mismatched dates to find “the one,” but the odds are in your favor. Hundreds of millions of people use sex dating apps. Your chances of encountering your last and best romance are quite high.

Age works differently on hookup apps

Most of the people that use dating apps are in their early 20s. If you have not reached your 30th birthday yet, you are in a large pool of candidates for every potential match there. Most young guys find it difficult to match on Tinder-like apps, so don’t despair!

The good news is that as you grow old, the number of potential matches increases. The women candidates of over 35-years old have fewer men in their age group to choose from, so if you are one of them you may get more matches and dates.

The dating app knows if you’re picky

Every dating app out there works on a learning algorithm. The hookup app on your phone is not sentient, but it learns about your tastes, swiping behavior and preferences every time you use it.

If you are a picky user, the sex dating app will create a profile for what you consider the ideal match to be. This perfect profile can include multiple traits like height, skin tone, hair color, age, and profession.

Some girls are only promoting themselves

Most apps for casual sex are full of hot, sexy women. These girls look as if they just fell from the cover of a magazine. They look like glamour models, and the reason for that is that they actually are fashion models.

If you spend most of your swipes on ridiculously attractive girls, you may soon find your profile under attack with links to their Instagram pages. Many models choose dating apps to get a few more likes and followers on social media. It is extremely easy to fall for their good looks, but you will waste swipes that could otherwise go to real and potential matches.

Many users are already in relationships

Dating apps are fun! Everybody knows it, and few can resist them. Even if most of them exist to connect singles, many of their users are already in relationships. 

Married people who have grown disgruntled with their marriage often look for quick and harmless flings on sex dating apps. Others are in long-distance relationships, and they want to let off a bit of steam. Some are on a break or in an open relationship. So, don’t be too surprised if your next date is already taken.

What starts on a dating app ends on a dating app

Most of the matches that take place on a dating app tend to finish where they started. People engage in fun conversations that lead nowhere. Others flirt too desperately, so they scare away their potential dates. A lot of sex app users even meet up, engage in intercourse and never speak again.

The idea is to don’t attach to these mobile apps for hookups. They are nothing more than intermediary gimmicks that link you to other dating-hungry individuals. They are the games that you learn as you go, so just try to have fun while you’re at it!

Video features are a plus

Dating apps are continuously evolving. In their early days, the sites for meeting new people only had photos and bio descriptions of their users. Nowadays, they also have video presentations and gifs that give you a better look at your potential candidates.

One sex app that can offer you this sometimes nifty option is 6app.Dating. The hookup application that makes casual sex easier to get lets you ask your match for live video proof. This way, you can check if the person you are about to meet looks like their profile picture. If they don’t meet that standard, you can easily cancel your date and block that user from ever contacting you again.

Dating apps are incredibly addictive

One thing about dating apps that every guy should know is that these hookup applications are extremely addictive. You may install one just for fun, and in a couple of days, you won’t be able to pass an hour without accessing it.

Tinder-like apps become even more addictive when you start having dates. Hooking up with strangers is fun. Sometimes, you even get some casual sex out of it. The simplicity of sex date apps will get to you, and it can easily distract you from your regular lifestyle. So, use them with caution!

Your taste in music may be a deal-breaker

We talked about how much your photos and your bio page are important to your dating app profile. One aspect that escapes many male users is musical taste. Your favorite tracks say a lot about your personality. Try to mention at least three of your favorite bands or tracks.

Mentioning your favorite music can convince other users to like your profile. It can even solve the question of your first date. If you share the same passion for a certain artist or genre, you can meet up at a concert or a bar where they are present.

Americans love their dating apps

Almost 40% of American adults use dating apps. In a country where the internet is an everyday commodity, it is only normal that people try to hook up in the virtual medium.

The good news is that most of them use sex dating apps when they travel abroad. So, don’t be surprised if you find many young Americans on your hookup app even if you are in Europe, Asia or Australia.

There are more men than women on sex apps

Unfortunately for all straight guys out there, they exceed the number of female profiles on dating apps with about 5%. It means that, as a man, you have a smaller chance of hooking up with the ideal partner. On the contrary, you have more competition to meet potential friends with benefits in your area.

Rejection of sex apps is more common than you think

Many guys that use apps like Tinder to hook up choose to uninstall them just a few days after building their profiles. They often lose their patience of waiting for a match, and they would rather do without it.

If you have been unlucky so far on your favorite sex app, you might want to give it a bit of time. Rejection is more common than matching on dating apps. Just keep swiping, liking and enjoying the ride. Your much-expected hookup may be just around the corner.