The Best Apps for Sex Dates and Friends with Benefits

Best Sex Apps

Online dating apps are a fun and modern way of meeting people, making friends, and even discovering the love of your life. At least, that’s what their ads want us to believe. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, we all know that we use hookup apps to find sex dates and friends with benefits.

Very few people use meeting apps for platonic relationships. Most of us are out there to get some sexual pleasure from strangers after choosing them from a user-friendly interface that resembles more a porn site than a social media platform.

If you are looking for a no-strings-attached fling, use our guide to the best apps for sex dates and friends with benefits!


6app.Dating is one of the best dating apps for sex dates. It comes with exclusive features that few other hookup sites have and helps you find a friend with benefits in your area easily.

This user-friendly app brings sexy back and takes Tinder dating to a new level. Download it, install it, and get the results that everybody’s looking for on online dating apps and websites.

With 6app.Dating you get a straightforward presentation of potential sex partners in your area. As soon as you log in, the app presents you with a list of suitable matches that you can reach quickly for a sex date.

You can always invite your match out to a classic date at the restaurant, the movies or even on an exotic holiday trip. However, you can do that on most sexting apps and hookup websites.

6app.Dating takes social networking to a new and exciting location with its SPECIAL PROPOSITION feature. This option lets you skip the whole wining and dining experience and go straight to setting up a sex adventure.

This easy to use hookup app saves you time and energy on finding a friend with benefits and getting some much-needed sex. You don’t need to scout the city high and wide for a sexual fling or spend your night swapping left and right endlessly on other dating apps.

6app.Dating makes it easier for everyone to have fun with no strings attached. There is no need for ingenious pickup lines, funny memes, or lengthy flirting. If you like what you see, then go and get it.

What differentiates 6app.Dating from other hookup sites and apps is its high-security system. Besides strict ID verification, you can also ask for live video proof of your match. This way,  you make sure that you are not chatting with a fake profile or a scammer.

The premium subscription gives you even more access to the fantastic features of 6app.Dating. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can be at the top of other users’ lists of hook-me-ups and have bigger chances of finding a sex date in your area.


If you are looking for the best meeting app that also doubles as a sex dating app, you might want to try AdultFriendFinder.

This one-night stand app is all about sex and finding you a friend with benefits in your area. It offers a wide range of options depending on your sexual tastes and inclinations from straight to LGBT and casual threesomes.

AdultFriendFinder comes with a free version that lets you see other members’ profiles and pictures, most of which are not safe to open at work. If you upgrade to a paid subscription, you can interact with other people looking for casual intercourse and set up a sex date.


PURE is an adult sex dating app that gives you a direct ticket to intercourse with someone willing and able in your area.

This hookup app is all about timing. It is not the kind of dating website that you return to once every few hours. On the PURE app, you can create a time-limited account that can exist for up to one hour. You have less than 60 minutes to impress people within a 50km radius with your best photos and slogans.

You can swipe right for the profiles that you like, and when someone wants you back, you have a match and the option to set up a date. When the time expires, your account vanishes into thin air and so do your photos and personal data.

The best thing about hooking up on PURE is that you can set up sex dates without going through many pickup lines. The major downside of this online dating app is that you need to put in your credit card details. Also, you have to pay for every single chat that you initiate, and you only have one month of a free trial.


iHookup is in the category of sex dating sites and apps that let you know immediately what the other members are expecting from a possible date.

As soon as you create a profile on iHookup, they will ask about your sexual orientation and if you are interested in hooking up for sex or making friends. This way, it will be much simpler for you to look for potential sex dates for the night, and also for them to find you.

Unfortunately, iHookup is not the safest sex app you can choose. Member verification is quite shallow, and you have to deal with a plethora of adds that will overflow on your screen while searching for a date.

99 Flavors

If you are looking for the best dating apps for married people, you must give 99 Flavors a try. This hookup app is an excellent choice for you and your swinging partner to engage in sex dates with other couples.

The 99 Flavors app has a vast database of almost 100 million users worldwide.  It aims to create a global community for the sexually adventurous people who are already in a relationship or married, and who do not embrace monogamy.

If you want to spice up things in the bedroom for you and your partner, then you should try 99 Flavors dating app. However, you should know that it also comes with an extra spicy subscription fee that might set fire to your monthly budget.


ALT is an adult dating site and app that lets you experience the wilder sides of your sexuality. It is one of the favorite hookup apps of BDSM enthusiasts and fetish sex addicts.

The ALT app for casual sex offers you the chance to meet other people who have the same sexual quirks as you do. It comes with a free basic account, which you can upgrade to be able to view other members’ profiles and chat with them.

If you are looking for a BDSM adventure, ALT may be your best choice when it comes to sex dating sites and apps.

Gay Friend Finder

The Gay Friend Finder app for easy hookups is Grindr taken to its most minimalist version. This sex meeting app for gay men takes out the need for an extensive profile or needlessly long flirting to help you get in bed with your match as quick as possible.

Gay Friend Finder offers a free version on both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, it gives you minimal access to other users’ profiles. Upgrading to the Silver or the Gay subscriptions will reveal more possible matches for sex dating in your area and the freedom to contact them as you please.

If you are tired of sexting apps or hookup sites that rarely win you a sex date, you should try app.

This app takes tinder dating to the next level. Instead of swiping left and right through countless pictures, here you have a live video representation of your love interest. This app lets you buy tokens for the members that you are interested in and reward them with virtual presents.

While you will mostly be video chatting with sex models, the app gives you a more intimate contact than most local sex hookups apps out there.


Blendr is a cool app for local hookups that uses your Facebook profile to match you with other sex enthusiasts in your area. Depending on your location and the amount of data that you share about yourself, you can approach a significant number of possible lovers for the night.

While Blendr advertises its service as a friend-making platform, users have gone past the “what’s your favorite band?” introductory line to “What’s your favorite position in bed?” kind of icebreaker. Many regard it as a Grindr for heterosexuals, but this app has already won the interest of millions of users with different sexual leanings.


Tingle is the straight-to-sex alternative to Tinder dating. Its release was in 2009, so it even predates the popular swiping left-and-right network.

Tingle uses the same partner-browsing algorithm, but with the only purpose of hooking up and enjoying some no strings attached intercourse. Its security system that enables you to confirm your ID through an SMS or a Facebook login makes it a safe option when looking for casual sex.

One of Tingle’s best features is “Teleport,” which lets you look for sex dates all around the world. It comes in very handy when you have an upcoming trip, and you are looking for a local Tingle member to spice up your vacation.


Disckreet is one of the best free dating apps that you can use with a lover without the risk of your affair becoming public.

This hookup app creates a safe space where you can upload photos and videos of yourself and make them as promiscuous as you want. This cloud-like storage and viewing area come with a password, which you may share with your no-strings-attached partner. They can also upload their images in the same directory, where you can chat, flirt, and set up real dates.

Disckreet has a few limits regarding file size and sharing attributes, but you can get rid of them once you upgrade to the Pro Full Access subscription.


If you are feeling truly adventurous, and so does your partner, then 3Fun should be a great choice of sex dating app for both of you.

3Fun reunites bisexual couples with curious singles that are willing to engage in threesome sex. There is a rapidly-growing community around this app, and it is mostly to its continuous upgrade of convenient features.

First off, on 3Fun the threesome starts from the first chat, where you and your partner can chat simultaneously with a single member. Secondly, the app comes with a strict photo identification system that takes out possibly false profiles or scams.


Feeld is another app for casual sex hookups that you can install and use for satisfying your lust for threesomes.

On Feeld you can log in through your Facebook account and look for sex dates with either a couple or two distinct members that have the same fetish as you do. It works for all sexual orientations, and you have a good chance of getting initiated or initiate somebody else into a new form of lovemaking.

Feeld works a lot like Tinder, as in you can swipe through endless profiles, and if you want higher chances of hooking up, you need to pay for a monthly subscription.


If you are searching for a sex dating app that does not ask you to leave your couch, you should try your luck with Mimitate.

This hookup app for friends with benefits works quite smoothly. You take a selfie and post it on the platform. Other members see it, and those who like it will mimic it with a selfie of their own.

While the app encourages you to take casual images of you eating or watching the news, you can imagine the activities that most people post.

If you want your selfie to also open a chat with the person that you mimic, you will have to upgrade to a monthly paid subscription.


If you have been using hookup apps, you know by now that the chance of your matches fulfilling your wildest sex fantasies is small.

With Whiplr, you have higher odds of getting exactly what you want in bed from a sex partner. This dating app has been developed with the mission to please people who have kinky fetishes and unusual ways of reaching an orgasm.

With a monthly subscription on Whiplr, you can find that special someone to tie you up and do to you what you have always been ashamed to ask from other partners.


We can’t say that this is the best sex website for casual intercourse, but Wingman does bring something new to the game of online dating.

Wingman is a cool app that you can have on your phone and look for possible sex dates on your current flight. With a bit of luck and frequent air travels, you can get in touch with other members who want to keep their head in the clouds even after landing.

Keep this casual sex dating app on your phone and check it out every time you fly. This way, you will know if you will find someone to share that hotel bed with once you reach your destination.

Ashley Madison

If you are in a relationship and you want to get something on the side without risking it, then Ashley Madison is your go-to sex dating app.

This well-known app for discreet hookups helps its users get out of their comfort zone and try something new in bed for once.

Ashley Madison lets you check out profiles of other people interested in sexual affairs while also showing you who visited your account. These features come in exchange for a hefty subscription fee, but that is the price that you pay for complete discretion of your flings.

Friend Finder-X

Friend Finder-X is a one-night stand app that does what its name says. It finds you a friend with the X rating, so you can meet and do X-rated, kinky and obscene things together.

Contrary to other hookup sites for real sex dates, Friend Finder-X comes with a long list of preferences that you can choose from when searching for your next bedroom partner. From height to proximity and from cup size to geolocation, you can have your pick of the ideal no strings attached friend for your subsequent sexual encounter.

While some of its users have complained about security issues, the developers behind Friend Finder-X dating app are consistently providing updates to improve it.

No Strings Attached

This free sex dating app is for the unfaithful husbands and wives that have left their vows of monogamy at the altar.

With the No Strings Attached app, you can find a sex date as part of a free-thinking community that finds sexual affairs more exciting than their current relationships.

For maximum discretion and enhanced access, you must pay a monthly subscription. In exchange, you will also get to upload videos on your profile or see live streaming sessions from other members.


If you want to combine your passion for porn with social media networking, you can try to find a real sex date on XMatch.

This hookup site lets you post explicit photos of yourself to attract the attention of other members. For a substantial monthly subscription, you can see their images too, contact them, and even set up a sex date.

XMatch has an exclusive community of high-paying members who do not like to spend too much time with pickup lines and flirts that lead nowhere. If you are a busy professional that wants to find a sex match for the night without too much hassle, then XMatch should be right down your fetish alley.

So, there you have it: our complete guide to the best apps for sex dates and friends with benefits. Find the top dating apps for casual sex hookups for you, and swap that “making friends” lie for a real sexual adventure!