The Best Sex Apps for Couples and Declining Relationships

Couples hanging out

With the development of sex apps for couples, online dating has reached a new and remarkable step in its evolution. The smartphone applications for meeting people are not just for single people anymore.

If your marriage is going through a rough patch, you may look for redeemable answers on sex dating apps.

You can search for and find hundreds of these apps for casual sex dates available for both iOS and Android-running phones. However, it would take you many days to discover the one sex app that will rekindle the flame in your relationship.

We want to cut your work short, so we offer you our selection of the best sex apps for couples. Use them to spark a new connection or spice up your current affair!

How sex apps can improve your relationship

Friends are like bridges over troubled water. When things go wrong between you and your partner, they can be a comforting shoulder to cry on, but not every time. Sometimes, the only friends that can help your relationship recover are the ones that come with extra benefits.

Relight the fire

Online dating apps are your best friends when things turn sour in your relationship. They give you something else to focus on while you reestablish a powerful connection with your partner. Using one together brings back the exciting feeling of trying something new that you might have had in the beginning, but which faded with the passing years.

Jazz up your affair

Sex apps for couples are today what sex toys used to be for previous generations. You can safely try one in the comfort of your bedroom and open the door to new and thrilling opportunities. A proper dating application will help you meet other people, single or not, that you can hook up with for threesomes or double dates.

Change your perspective

In the end, if you decide not to use a sex app with your partner, you can use one to reconnect with the dating scene. You may even go out on a few dates and see what the outside world has to offer. In the worst-case scenario, you discover that you already have something better waiting for you at home.

Best dating apps for singles and couples

Sex apps are for everyone. Whether you are single or part of a couple, you can have plenty of fun with hookup apps and discover a whole new and exciting side of online dating. Here are some of the best apps for meeting people for sex that you can use today:


6App.Dating is a new and exciting app for hookups that don’t use any smokescreens. It appeals to open-minded people who want to skip tedious flirting and get straight to setting up a sex date.

After all, most of us look for casual, no-strings-attached flings on dating apps, and few are those who use them for fairytale romances.

On 6App.Dating you can easily find other users in your area and set up meeting points that both of you can confirm similarly to how you hitch rides on car-sharing apps. These places can be a restaurant, a movie theater, or a starting point for a vacation trip. All of them promise the beginning of an exciting sexual adventure in a safe and unbiased environment.

No Strings Attached

Few relationship apps for couples have a more self-explanatory name. This dating application should help you find a friend with benefits to add to your relationship or for you to enjoy alone, on the side.

On the No Strings Attached app, you access a community of libertine individuals that look for sex dates in the local area. All you need is an appealing profile and a monthly subscription to rejoin the dating scene alone or with your partner.

DOWN Dating

This app for casual sex lets you hook up with other people on your Facebook list. You can quickly discover that your friends or your friends’ friends are into wild sex games, swinging, and partner-swapping. If you are looking to bring excitement in your relationship, why not do it through familiar faces?

Can sex apps ruin your relationship?

We’ve already seen how sex apps for couples can help you reconnect with your partner. Now, it is time to take a peek at the other side of the coin. Can these fun applications for sexual hookups spell doom for your relationship?

It depends. There are many factors to take into account when using an app to meet new people together with your partner.

One of them is part of its definition: both of you will meet new, potential sex partners. Before making this step, both of you have to be comfortable with whatever will result from this event. Dating people you meet online can include anything from casual romance to threesome intercourse and all the way to group sex.

Adult sex apps for couples work best when both partners have complete control over their emotions and can look at the entire experience as a fun and constructive adventure.

Best features to look for on sex apps

When you look for the best sex apps for couples, you need to consider certain features. Most of these dating applications come with a myriad of options, but very few of them are essential for obtaining sex dates quickly, such as:

Dating Options

A good sex app for hooking up will provide you with several dating options. Besides the sexting feature, they should make it easy for you to hook up with your match. One app for sex dates that does it is 6App.Dating, which lets you opt for the “Special Proposition” feature.

When you make a special proposition to your match on 6App.Dating, you put your cards on the table. You show that you are up for a sexual fling, so you can talk about your fetishes, and include your partner’s availability, too. It only makes things easier for everyone involved.

Easy Sexting

Most sex app users have grown tired of apps like Tinder that require long conversations, flirting, and pick up lines to get some action. The best sexting apps let you skip to the best part of online dating: talking dirty and hooking up quickly.

Look for sex apps like 6App.Dating that feature entire communities of people looking solely for sex. Here, there is a small chance of finding prude people who are on it only to make friends.

Local Sex Dates

When using hookup sites, you want to get the best results as quickly as possible. Your best choice is to install meeting apps like 6App.Dating. This app uses high-performance algorithms to look for potential matches in your area and give you a list of available sex dates in your area.

User Safety

The best love apps for couples come with a high level of user safety. For example, 6App.Dating offers premium security features that include geolocation tracking and live video streaming. These options and others protect you against fake profiles and scams.

How to spice up your sex life with Dating apps

Relationship apps can have a powerful and positive impact on your couple’s life. They can revive the dying flame of love between you and your partner. They can reduce stress, diminish couple anxiety, and significantly improve married life quality.

Also known as erotic apps, these fun and quirky programs that you install on your smartphone work as relationship counselors. The difference between using hookup apps and real-life marriage counseling is that you get to talk openly about your fetishes and pay less money in the process.

The best apps for couples open the doors to new sexual experiences. They help you find new partners, add intriguing adventures to your sex life, and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

You can try any of the top sex apps to increase sexual satisfaction. Most of them come with entertaining sex games that you can play with your partner or with other people in your area. You are just one download away from improving your sex life in a fun and interactive way.

Best Android Sexting apps for couples

If you are looking for the best sex apps for Android, you need to stay away from classic apps like Tinder. You do not want to waste several hours of swiping left and right for matching a person that is not interested in sex anyway.

What you need to do is go for free sexting apps that put you in contact with people that are on the same wavelength as you. Here are some useful examples:

6App.Dating (again!)

When you create a profile on 6App.Dating you receive a list with all the people in your area that are ready and willing to have a sexual fling. You can sex chat with them before setting up a date at a mutually chosen location. A paid subscription increases your chances of hooking up as you will receive a sponsored place at the top of the list in other people’s feeds. If it does not take the first place in your top of the best sex app for couples, it should be after you give it a try.

Sex Game for Couple

This relatively simple to use the app should be a decent choice for couples that want to spice up their bedroom activity. It includes kinky games, funny dares, and exciting activities that you can try with your partner.

Sexy Dice

One of the less-known sex game apps for Android is Sexy Dice. This app is the smartphone version of sex fetish dices that you can roll to set up your next intercourse. It takes the stress from your shoulders by combining a sex position with a room where you and your partner can get naughty.

Best iOS sex apps for couples

iPhone users that cannot use the best sexting apps for Android can still add flavor to their sex life with cool dating applications for their iOS smartphones.

If you and your partner are Apple users, you can have your pick from a long list of hookup apps that can help you live out your wildest sexual fantasies. Some of the best sex apps for iPhone include:

6App.Dating (reloaded)

6App.Dating makes our list once again, and quite unsurprisingly so since it comes with a wide variety of features for people wanting to hook up. This sex app is available for both Android and iOS-running phones. It connects singles or people who are already in a relationship and increases their chances of finding a sex date. It should be your optimal choice if you want to get freaky with someone in your area.


Kindu is one of the many high-rated sexting apps for iPhone. It works by providing you and your partner with romantic ideas on how to spend your time together. It also gives sexual advice without holding anything taboo. If you want to grow your relationship, this should be one of the best sex apps for couples you can install.


Pathshare is among the best apps for married couples, and it best suits people who want to know where their partners are at all times. You and your loved one can install it on your phones, and it will give you a real-time location tracker of the other person. It gets better when you have multiple partners, and you want to know which one is the closest to reach for a quick, sensual fling.

How safe are sex dating apps?

Apps that help you meet other people and set up sex dates are generally safe. The best ones come with premium security settings — for example, 6App.Dating offers live geolocation tracking that you can share with your friends and other users of the app. When you go out on a date, they will know your whereabouts at all times.

The best sex apps for couples employ strict ID verification procedures. Just signing in with your email is not standard protocol anymore. For most of these sexting apps, you need to provide a selfie or even live video proof of your identity.

In conclusion, if you apply common sense and take minimal safety measures when setting up a date, sex apps should be perfectly safe solutions for hooking up with equally open-minded people.