8 Best Sex App Features That Should Give You Instant Success

Best sex app features

Meeting people on dating apps is getting more difficult with each passing day. The global community of lustful lovers is rapidly increasing, and the competition grows stiffer than most of the men using sex apps.

New hookup sites and applications appear every week. Millions of people swipe left and right hoping to find a friend with benefits for the night. The women get pickier as the men become more desperate. The going gets rough, and few are tough enough to go on for weeks without hooking up.

And, then there YOU are a regular sex app user wondering how to meet someone for casual sex fast and easy. If you have run out of ideas on how to get more matches on dating apps, you have come to the right place!

We present you with the best features for sex apps that should help you hook up instantly, get more matches and set up sex dates quickly!

How to use a sex app for dating

Before we dive in, it is a good idea to have another look at how to use sex apps and dating sites. Doing your due diligence only takes a few minutes, and it pays remarkably well in the long run.

The first thing to consider when using dating apps is safety. The personal information that you reveal on hookup apps should always be minimal and untraceable by ill-intended users. Try to compile a relevant profile of who you are, but don’t overdo it.

Dating apps should help you meet people, make friends and even have casual sex. However, you do not want to put your identity at risk by sharing every aspect of your life to strangers.

Next, you should always be patient when using sex apps for adults. If you immediately rush into sexting and asking for dates, you may either scare away potential lovers or lure in bad company. 

Don’t get your hopes too high! Merely installing the top sex apps will not land you the love of your life. Prepare ahead to deal with sleazy sexting, lousy grammar, ghosting and even rejection.

Lastly, try to relax! Play it cool, and remember that most people are on hookup sites to have casual fun and one night stands. Do your best to enjoy your experience!

You now know a thing or two about how sex apps work. Check our game-changing guide for dating apps to increase your chances of instant sexual success!

Easy Profile Creation

One of the first features that you should look for when installing sex apps is easy profile creation. Your best choice is a dating service that requires as little personal information as possible, but which still has a reliable security system.

If you look at the best sex dating apps, you will notice that they ask for your name, your email address and a few personal characteristics. The usual list includes age, height, location and the option to write some biographical details.

You should steer away from hookup apps that make you go through endless questionnaires. The last thing that you want is to spend a few hours answering a myriad of questions to meet new people. Save sharing these details for when you get a date or a friend with benefits.

One of the most popular dating apps for casual sex that employs easy profile creation is 6app.Dating. This fun hookup service helps you find potential sexual partners in your area without too much hassle. It features a quick access registration panel and a user-friendly interface to make meeting new people more convenient.

Dating Options

The best dating app should present you with several dating options. Unfortunately, very few sex apps or hookup sites fit this profile. Most of them kick the ball in your court by matching you with other users before leaving the stadium for good.

Sexting apps should act as your wingman on a night out. They should help you with dating advice and offer you suitable locations for fun and romantic dates. A good hookup site may even throw a pickup line suggestion in there to help you break the ice.

Apps like Tinder create a flimsy connection between you and another person that supposedly liked your profile pictures. And that’s about it! Where you should go from there, no one knows. While having complete freedom to flirt with your match is more than welcome, a few dating suggestions would arguably make sexting more comfortable for everyone.

This part is where 6app.Dating, one of the latest sex apps to appear in the online dating universe, wants to make a difference. Its developers want to make hooking up more accessible than ever, so they offer three viable dating options when you get a match. Depending on your preferences, you and your future partner may settle on:

  • A romantic dinner in a restaurant
  • A date at the movies
  • An exotic holiday trip

These accessible alternatives accelerate the dating process and take off the pressure of having to choose an arbitrary meeting place. They also share the decision to date equally between the two parties.

Instant Sexting

Like most people out there, when you first install a sex app, you want to start talking to potential dates immediately. You want to meet people in your area that are ready to be your friends with benefits. Nobody likes playing the waiting game when they are horny or eager to have a social encounter.

You may want to stay away from dating apps like Bumble or Coffee Meets Bagel if you are a guy. These sex apps give all the power of sexting to their female users. You cannot initiate a chat unless they talk to you first. This kind of sex app features can be very frustrating to many.

If you want to get in touch with a potential sex partner in your area, you should install 6app.Dating. This dating application makes it easy to talk for free to all the other users that you find interesting. There are no waiting times or subscription fees that you need to pay just to say “Hi!”

Casual Sex Propositions

A handful of people use sex dating apps to meet the love of their life. Even fewer than that use hookup sites to make new friends. The rest of us who compose the majority use apps like Tinder for one purpose only: to have sex with random strangers.

Modern technology targets our narcissistic egos. We post some of our best pictures online and hope for someone at least equally attractive to like them. If they do, we more than often consider jumping into bed with them. It is a weird, shallow practice. It is borderline crazy and superficial, and we love it! 

Time is short, and you cannot waste it with unnecessary flirting. So, you need to stay away from sexting apps that make you drag conversations on and on and which eventually lead nowhere.

A much better choice of hooking up online is using 6app.Dating. This recent entry in the top of sex apps cuts down any useless dialogue and lets you get straight to the point. Its “Special Proposition” feature enables you to ask your match directly if they are up for a sexual fling with no strings attached. It makes the entire dating process less time-wasting and more convenient for everyone.

Video Proof

For anyone with a decent experience in using sex apps, it is quite common to have a surprise when they eventually meet their matches. Most users look different in real life than they do in their profile pictures. Sadly, more than often, they look disappointingly worse.

We all upload our best photos on dating sites and apps. Some of these images may be from a few years ago. Others undergo Photoshop treatment. Most of them picture us with fewer pounds, fewer wrinkles and less desperate than how we turn up for the date.

The bottom line is that if you can get a live video verification of your match before heading out to meet, you should do it.

Unfortunately, few dating apps have this feature. One sex app that can offer you this sometimes life-saving option is 6app.Dating. The hookup application that makes casual sex more comfortable to get lets you ask your match for live video proof. If they look discouragingly different from their profile pictures, you may be happily dodging a bullet. If they look surprisingly better, you may have just hit the jackpot.

Accurate Geolocation Tagging

Safety should be the most critical feature of any sex app out there. We cannot stress that enough. It is crucial that you only install dating apps that guarantee the protection of your data.

Sex dating apps may come with a plethora of security features, but the most important ones are those that you can access as a user. Online dating should be a fun and safe experience where you can always be in control.

Most hookup apps and sites help you date people in your area. It means that they use your GPS location to determine if other users are inconveniently reaching distance. Not everyone is happy about sharing their whereabouts with strangers, but this feature at least increases the security factor.

However, simple geolocation tagging does not protect you from scams or ill-intended users. The app records your location, your date’s position on the map, but not the place where you meet, or where you hang out.

Some of the online dating apps that have come out recently trying to solve this issue. One sex app that seems to have a solution for it is 6app.Dating. When you use this hookup service to meet people, you benefit from an enhanced level of security.

6app.Dating tracks your location and your matching partner’s position for the entire duration of your date. It then shares it with other users of the application. So, if you have friends using it, they will know about your whereabouts at all times. 

Available on multiple operating systems

Developers release new sex apps every day. Most of them are short-lived, while others rapidly increase in popularity to attract users on a global scale. There are several reasons for their quick ascent to worldwide acclaim, but their availability places a significant role in it. 

Some dating apps are only available for iOS systems. Other hookup services work on Android-running smartphones exclusively. This limiting functioning prevents them from becoming widespread. It also limits the number of users. So, your chances to find suitable dates for casual sex on these applications are small and ever decreasing.

Your best choice is to go for sex apps like 6app.Dating, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. This way, you have more chances of hooking up and having friends with benefits. Also, if you ever change your phone for one that has another operating system, you do not lose access to the best app for casual sex.

Paid Subscription Features That Guarantee Success

Last, but not least, when using sex dating apps, you should always check at what you can get for an extra buck. There are no completely free hookup apps out there. Every site and application that facilitates online dating has a unique set of features it only offers to those who pay for a subscription fee.

Most sex apps ask between $5 and $50 on average every month to give you extra chances of hooking up with strangers. While you may have better odds of finding a friend with benefits, not all of these subscription fees are worth their money. Most of them give you vague benefits like access to top picks or seeing who secretly liked your profile.

The best ones are the dating apps that make you more visible to other users. In this regard, few sex apps come closer to the extra option that 6app.Dating offers for a small monthly subscription.

6app.dating sex app puts you at the top of the feed of every user in your area when you register for an affordable monthly fee. This fantastic feature increases your chances of hooking up significantly. It boosts your visibility on the network and helps you get sex dates more often.