Best apps for casual dating

Best Apps Casual Dating

Whether you are looking for the love of your life or a spontaneous hook-me-up, this guide to the best apps for casual dating should come in handy.

Internet dating has overcome its insecure puberty stage and its rebellious teenage years to become the mature social practice that is enjoyed by billions today.

People everywhere look for true love, one night stands and casual hookups every day. The best dating websites and meeting apps compete against each other to help them find that special someone to please or appease.

Here is what separates the best dating apps from the rest, and what you should look for when using hookup sites to find a partner!


6app.Dating is one of the most exciting apps for casual dating to appear in recent years. It features an easy registration process, a user-friendly interface, and quicker hook-ups than any other meeting apps out there.

This sexy app is fast, efficient and it comes with an attractive selection of cool, free features.

6app.Dating differs from other online dating apps through its simple process of hooking you up with someone without having to go through many profile settings and search filters.

As soon as you log in, you can see a list of available users as a selection of potential hook-me-ups in your area. The app uses the latest smart technology to find you a suitable match whether you are looking for true love or a one night stand.

Instead of playing the shallow game of swiping left and right and waiting endlessly for a match, on this free meeting app you can immediately ask for dates from the people that you like.

Click on their profiles and send an invitation to one of the three possible date options: having dinner in a restaurant, going to the movies or on a special holiday trip. This easy feature takes out the pressure of planning for your first date and lets you focus more on your match.

A fourth choice involves a special proposition that you can make to your date if you think that you are both on the same wavelength. And this is where 6app.Dating differs most from other hookup sites because it allows you to get straight to the point and ask for a no-strings-attached relationship.

Similarly to ridesharing apps, on 6app.Dating you can select a meeting place on the map. When your date drops a pin to the same location as the one that you choose the date is officially confirmed.

6app.Dating also incorporates outstanding security features for its users. To avoid scams or fake profiles, you can ask a live video chat session from your future date. Additionally, while you are out on a date, the app monitors your location, so your friends on the network can always track down your whereabouts.

You can take your 6app.Dating experience to a new level by paying for a premium subscription that lets you rank at the top of the feed in other users’ lists of hook-me-ups. This cool reward is just one of the massive benefits that come with one of the cheapest subscriptions for casual dating apps anywhere.

While it is still in its early days, 6app.Dating promises to become one of the best dating sites and meeting apps out there.


Tinder is to dating apps what Facebook is to social media networks. It seems to have been there from the start. Even if not everyone uses it, most people have a general idea about what it does.

Tinder gives you sneak previews of other people’s photos and self-descriptions in exchange for sharing yours. The app lets you sift through hundreds of profiles in your area. Swiping right confirms your interest in them while swiping left means the opposite. When both of you swipe right, you are matched and ready to chat or set up a date.

Tinder works on both iOS and Android. It comes with a free version and two premium subscriptions, Plus, and Gold, which provide additional benefits.

While it is still the most popular dating app on the market, Tinder is slowly losing its ground due to a slow process of implementing new features. The users’ complaints of overly long registration procedures and security attacks have also diminished the app’s ease of use in recent years.


Bumble is the bee’s knees when it comes to dating apps. This match-making application favors women who like to take the initiative in a relationship and benefits men who prefer being the prey in the love-hunting game.

Bumble groups matches in romance-friendly beehives. In opposite gender matches, the girl (aka the queen bee) has 24 hours to start chatting with the guy, or the hive disintegrates. While he may extend the match with 24 more hours, if she does not invite him to stir her honey, the connection is lost forever.

You can install Bumble on both iOS and Android for free. Also, you can pay for the Bumble Boost upgrade to increase your chances of attracting more bees.


OkCupid is one of the oldest dating apps out there, which is why it has a gigantic database of users. When looking for a casual hookup, statistically, you have a good chance as long as you are willing to accept that anyone that has the app can message you.

That’s right! On OkCupid, you can contact anyone that is slightly compatible with you and vice-versa. If you don’t mind it, then you open a wide array of dating possibilities and the option to pick between no less than 12 gender identifications and 20 sexual orientations.


Badoo is a dating app like Tinder that many people have not discovered yet even if it is 3-years older than its more famous competitor. Available on both Android and iOS, Badoo is closing in on its 400 millionth user and comes with a broad selection of features that make casual dating easier than expected.

Badoo offers its members a facial recognition option where they can look for romantic interests that look like their favorite celebrities. It also has a reliable ID verification system to prevent catfishing scams. For a small fee, you can opt for the premium subscription where you get access to an extensive array of match-making features.

Match is one of the first dating sites that appeared on the online dating market even before apps were a thing. A veteran in the world of virtual flirting, Match is the app-version of the renowned website that you can install on your iOS or Android-running smartphone, and even on your Apple Watch.

Match has a relatively minimalist and straightforward interface. Romance seekers should be able to get into the hunt for potential dates as soon as they create a profile. The app provides a Hitch-like coach that can give you dating advice. Also, when you pay for an upgraded subscription, you can see who checked you out and which of your pictures they liked best.


Grindr is one of the most popular gay dating apps out there. Finding a romantic partner on the largest LGBTQ+ social media app should be easy whether you are gay, bi, trans, or queer. You can do it with your Facebook account in just a few seconds on your Android or iOS-running phone.

Grindr uses a significant number of user-friendly features to remain one of the best gay hookups apps on the market. One of them is allowing you to look either for a loving relationship or a one night stand or just for making friends.

When you upgrade to a paid subscription, you get to see more than 100 profiles in your area and discover who has checked you out so far.


We cannot move forward from gay hookup apps without mentioning HER. This app lets lesbian or bisexual users sign in through Facebook or Instagram to look for casual dates with like-minded people.

HER aims to be more than just a local hookups app for lesbians. It also posts news and updates about gay-friendly events to strengthen and unite the LGBTQ+ community in your area. As it is the case with most casual hookup sites, a paid subscription will provide you with access to a broader selection of features and search settings.


eHarmony is one of the most popular dating apps when it comes to serious relationships. If you are looking for more than just a one night stand, this match dating application should be right down your alley.

Contrary to other online dating sites, eHarmony uses a sophisticated algorithm in the form of a questionnaire that creates a tailor-cut profile for you on the network. Next, it matches it with other people’s profiles that are into the same things as you are.

eHarmony is not among the best sex sites out there. Instead, it is a better choice for those who want to hear the wedding bells ringing.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This quirky titled app is one of the best dating apps for women. Coffee meets bagel offers a relaxed approach to casual dating and empowers the ladies to have their pick of fresh “bagels” with their everyday coffee.

You can create a full profile without Facebook or any other social media app. You list your preferences, needs, and desires, and then the app sends you a selection of the men who take an interest in your profile. They are the bagels, and you get a fresh batch of them every day around noon. Next, you are free to pick who to invite over for a cup of hot mocha.

If you are more like the action-taking type, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. This way, you can have your choice of bagels from a more massive selection that also includes the ones who have not liked or viewed your profile yet.


Happn is a casual meeting app that makes local dating quick and easy. It ditches the famous “choose who you like” system for an algorithm that matches you with people who frequently go to the same places at you.

Happn uses geolocation to put you in contact with users who have crossed your path at a concert, a bar or in the local park, but with whom you have not met yet. It enables you to meet people who “happn” to have the same interests and likes as you. Get it?

Happn is a relatively free local dating app. However,  you will have to pay extra to ask a potential crush for a date, if the algorithm does not consider it suitable for you in the first place.


Since its release in 2017, Chappy has been widely viewed as the Bumble dating app for gay men since the same “freedating” platform backs it.

Contrary to other gay-friendly dating apps, Chappy focuses on creating a stronger bond than a one night stand between its matches. Users can log in to it through Facebook or Instagram and use the app’s innovative “Chappy Scale” to find Mr. Right in a sea of potentially worthy candidates.

Chappy is one of the many dating apps for serious relationships that is available on both iOS and Android. It also features a complex ID verification system to ensure the safety of the users’ data.


In the category of apps better than Tinder but which also look a lot like Tinder, we have Hinge. This dating app saves you the annoying questionnaires that you would usually have on a first date with someone.

Hinge uses your Facebook profile to create connections between you and your friends, you and your friends’ friends, and so on. Next, it tries to find you a match among them who has as many similar interests as you. It does so through a continuous string of questions that eliminates all irrelevant matches depending on your answers.

With Hinge, you might discover that your ideal match is your next-door neighbor or your friend’s distant cousin’s housemaid. Paying for a subscription presents you with extra search filters that show you which of your matches would like to have children or who already are parents.


If you are looking for free hookup apps, you might want to stay away from Raya. However, if you are searching for an exclusive dating app that connects you both socially and professionally with like-minded people, Raya should be your first choice.

Raya is available only on iOS and started as a networking app for professionals, like the mini version of LinkedIn if you like.

However, the developers included a Social Mode where users can talk about anything else but work. Unsurprisingly, most Raya users tend to hang out in this area of the platform, which strongly recommends it more as a relevant dating app than a job-seeking network.

To meet and date new people on Raya, you first have to receive an invitation from one of the members. Next, after passing a strict ID check protocol, you must subscribe to a monthly paid membership.


When coming out of a long relationship, your first questions should be, “will I ever find love again?” and “what are the best dating apps around?”

You shouldn’t be surprised if your best friend would give you the same answer to both of your life dilemmas: Plenty of Fish (POF).

Proverbially speaking, plenty of fish in the sea represents the plethora of romantic partners that are potentially waiting for you out there. And if you need proof, you have to become one of the 100+ million users of POF, which is regarded as the best dating app by many.

Even if it uses the same “swiping through people in your area” algorithm, POF is highly popular because it gives away many of its fun features. This aspect makes it one of the best free dating apps you can install on your iOS or Android smartphone.


When people look for free dating websites, they may come across Zoosk – an online meeting app that works best on Android and iOS phones.

Zoosk does manage to use your likes and dislikes to find you a loving partner, but this is where its charge-free area of expertise ends. If you want to contact your matches or receive messages from them, you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

People who look for casual hookups on Zoosk do so because the app offers high-security system checks. Users must send a video together with selfies and relevant ID information to create a profile on the network.


Hily is one of those apps like Tinder, but which learns more about you than you learn about it as you move forward.

Hily uses high-tech algorithms to narrow down your search for romance depending on your preferences, the common traits of people you swipe right on, and the wording of your messages. Over time, the potential match becomes more the target of your behavior than a prospect of your desire.

Hily and its learning-based algorithm are free to download and install on both iOS and Android. If you want to get the best of it, you can pay for the Hily Elixir monthly subscription. This upgrade will speed up the process and give you quicker solutions for finding true love.


If you are looking for an app better than Tinder that also offers easy local dating, you may want to give Clover a try.

Some users say that Clover may reign supreme among the top dating apps because it lets you upload 100 pictures only. Others say that it is just another free hookup app that mashed together as many features as it could from other apps.

All we know is that Clover offers plenty of opportunities to find a date locally, among your Facebook friends’ friends or through the good ole’ swiping game. Its’ “on-demand dating” feature is an excellent choice for making yourself available to the local singles in your area.

The League

The League is not your casual meeting app that you can use on weekends. This network divides the world of meeting apps in two through its elitist approach and pricey membership.

You can enter the League if you pay a hefty yearly subscription that will take $349 out of your pocket. A single month trial is $99, and in exchange, you get a maximum of seven potential matches per day. Casual dating app users hate it while highbrow members appreciate it for its exclusive approach to meeting new people online.

If you choose to become part of the League, you might want to check if it’s available in your area first. At the time of writing, this sex app for Ivy League alumni was accessible in only 59 cities in the world.


Pickable ranks high among online dating sites and apps for women. Men who use it must not expect any of that Tinder dating results that most casual hookup apps usually offer.

On Pickable, women can have their pick from a myriad of men profiles. They are free to look through their bio, their pictures, and preferences, and contact them as they please.

On the other side, men play the waiting game and only receive push notifications when someone has gone through their selfie galleries. With Pickable, women can enjoy free online dating as entirely safe and comfortable experience.


Ship is the best meeting app that you can share with your friends. This casual dating app is the equivalent of sitting at the bar with your mates and browsing the room for potential dates. When spotted, the most desirable ones from your crew make their move and bring them over for a chat.

As a Ship crew member, you can only get dates if you have a group of friends that do all the searching and testing for you. In the meantime, you lay back and wait for them to present you with the best possible candidates. This free dating app works just as well for party jocks as it does for shy geeks.

Quiz Date Live

If you are tired of looking for romance on the most popular apps for casual dating, maybe you would get some excitement out of winning it in a live-streaming contest.

Quiz Date Live is a dating app that stands in a category of its own when it comes to free hookup websites. It copies the TV show format of popular programs like The Bachelorette, where male users compete against each other to win the hand of a female user.

The contest takes place through live streaming over consecutive nights and includes video performances and quick-quizzes. The winner gets to take the girl out on a date that is entirely paid by one of the app’s sponsors.

While it may seem too much work for the regular dating app user, some competitive spirits out there may want to give it a go.


If you are looking for the best hookup apps for people with a trustworthy professional background and a higher degree of education, you should probably opt for EliteSingles.

This dating app makes meeting new people easier for singles who are looking to start a serious relationship with people that spent most of their 20s studying or building a career.

EliteSingles attracts more mature users, and it also comes with a pricey subscription fee that you can pay monthly or for a full year ahead.

HUD Dating

HUD Dating brings a new feature that many dating websites lack: video presentations. Users can post short clips in which they can showcase their best talents or talk about themselves. It is a refreshing change from the swiping game that the best apps to meet people usually have.

You can create an account on HUD Dating through your Facebook profile. This way, the app’s algorithm will decide to match you with people that share similar interests with you.

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is the Tinder app equivalent for rich people or at least individuals who are looking for a relationship that involves upgrading to a better financial status. If you are looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar mama, then this app should be your first choice. The Inner Circle is one of the best dating apps when it comes to exclusivity. The community is highly elitist, and it takes a lot of legwork to get in, but if you are lucky enough, the return on investment should worth it.