Sick of Tinder? Here are 10 alternative dating apps for quicker hookups

Alternative Tinder dating apps

Tinder is probably the most popular dating app out there. It is not the first site for sexual hookups, but the first hookup app to make casual dating easier for lusting people all over the world.

In recent times, however, Tinder has seen its global domination under threat. Surprisingly, it is not the release of thousands of apps like Tinder that diminishes its popularity. The users are the ones who look to other apps for quick hookups in search of guaranteed success and more dates.

People are sick and tired of swiping left and right without getting a single match for weeks. They want to go out and date other singles in their area. They want to hook up and have one night stands.

If you are looking for an alternative to Tinder too, here are ten sex dating apps that will help you meet a friend with benefits much easier!

Why people are sick of Tinder

First off, let’s take a look at why Tinder doesn’t work as well as its ads promise it. If you have been using this casual dating app for several years, you might share the disappointment of millions of other users. Like them, you probably feel that one of the best sex apps does not practice what it preaches.

Here are a few reasons why:

Low match frequency

Most Tinder users nowadays swipe right until their fingers bleed. The dating app is la with profiles that are either inactive or using the publicity to promote other websites. Some people even use it to get some traffic for their Instagram accounts. Simply put, the chances of finding someone up for casual sex in your area are just too low.

Disproportionate gender representation

As a male user on Tinder, you have to arm yourself with considerable patience. The swiping game can last for weeks without a single suitable match or at least one that fits your taste.

On the other hand, women on Tinder have to face an avalanche of guys and their desperate interest. Instead of filling that empty hole in their hearts, this hookup app only fills their inbox with needy, insistent and often sleazy proposals.

Quick hookups are few and rare

If you use Tinder for quick, no-strings-attached dates, you are in for a long game of swiping and waiting. Most of your matches will try to sell you something, while others will prefer sexting over actual dating. So, in the best-case scenario, you only get a pen pal with a dirty mind that you never get to meet. 

There are no dating features available

Tinder and many other apps like Tinder only create a narrow bridge between you and a potential date. They might help you match, but the rest is up to you. The lack of any dating features means that you need to be at your best sexting game at all times.

Tinder would use some dating scenarios that help you hook up quicker. A few alternatives for setting up future dates or suggesting a sex date would make the app much more viable. 

Paid subscriptions do little to increase your matching odds

Last, but not least, Tinder seems to be utterly useless if you don’t pay for a monthly subscription. Like most free hookup apps, it keeps the best features for those who open their wallets. If you pay, you may get to see who secretly likes you, and get extra boosts and likes.

Unfortunately, here is where the advantages of paying for Tinder stop. Even with a yearly subscription, your odds of hooking up remain low on the pinnacle of sex dating apps.

So, where do all these disadvantages leave the average Tinder user? 

 The once-considered best one-night stand app may be resting on its laurels. Meanwhile, horny lovers everywhere are looking for sex dating apps that offer quicker and more certain hookups. 

Fortunately for you and them, we’ve got you covered with ten sex app alternatives to Tinder. Read on to discover the best apps and sites for hookups and one-night-stands!

6APP.DATING is an exciting new dating app that should make hookups easier and safer than ever. It is a user-friendly smartphone application that works on both iOS and Android running systems. 

By using cutting edge technology, this app for casual sex should help you match with other singles in your area without wasting your time.

6app.Dating aims to make meeting new people simple and convenient for everyone involved. It comes with free features that enable you to set up dates quickly. It searches for suitable matches by using state of the art algorithms, and it boosts your chances of finding friends with benefits in your area.

With this sex dating app, you can skip overly long sexting and flirting. You can get straight to the point and ask your partner out for dinner, a date at the movies or even on an exotic holiday trip.

The feature that makes 6app.Dating one of the best free hookup apps is that you can directly make a “special proposition” to your match. Unless you are the prudish kind, you should instantly get the gist of what this option has in offer for both of you. Getting into one night stands has never been easier than with this sex meet up app.

Jumping straight into bed with strangers after meeting them on top hookup apps is neither cautious nor advisable. Fortunately, 6app.Dating solves the problem of security by ensuring that every interaction on the app is perfectly safe.

On this app for casual sex, users must go through a strict ID verification process. If you want to make sure that your future date is who they claim to be, you can ask for live video proof of your match. Additionally, the application monitors your location when you are out on a date, and send your exact whereabouts to your friends.

For a reasonable monthly subscription to 6app.Dating you can get access to additional features that are equally exciting. For starters, you get to be the first one to appear in the feeds of other users. So, you have increased odds of hooking up than on any other dating app like Tinder.


Another exciting alternative to dating on Tinder is using Pure. This app for meeting new people takes off the veil of useless flirtation and invites you to sex date with your potential matches.

On Pure, you can only take advantage of a 60-minute window to set up a one night stand. Your profile only exists for one hour, so you have limited time to hook up. Unnecessary sexting and dragging on the conversation will see your time expire, and you will have to set up your profile again.

While Pure is great for finding friends with benefits in your area, it has the downside of mandatory paid subscription. You may use it for free at first, but you will have to put in your credit card details for extensive use of the app.


Happn is a fun dating app that gives you reasonable odds of hooking up. It comes with a highly complex geolocation tagging system that puts you in contact with other users that cross your path. You can get more matches and potential dates depending on how much you move around the city.

On Happn dating app, you get in a crush as soon as you like other people who merely happened to be on the same bus as you. If they like you back, you can chat and start sexting or even set up a sex date. If you want to chat with any other user on the network, you will have to pay extra.


There are very few dating apps that make it as clear that you are up for sex than iHookup does. On this application that works on both Android and iOS, you can only have a “friends with benefits” label. The only thing that you need to reveal is your sexual orientation.

iHookup should increase your chances of a sex date with other people in your area. Unfortunately, the app lacks a high-security system for ID validation. You may have to filter through several fake accounts and scams before finding a suitable no-strings-attached relationship.


Have you ever wondered who in your Facebook friends list is up for some casual sex? Well, with Blendr, you can finally find out if some of your social media buddies can become your friends with benefits.

This app for sex dating browses through your Facebook account to find friends and friends of friends that are looking to hook up. You may be surprised that some of your closest acquaintances are also using Blendr.

On the other hand, you risk sharing plenty of your details only to meet a sex friend on a rather intrusive dating app for adults.


Many people stopped using Tinder because it failed to connect them with like-minded individuals. If you are one of these embittered dating app users, you might want to try Raya.

Raya is a particular sex dating application for working professionals. While it started as a networking app, it soon became a favourite tool for flirting for people who work in similar industries.

Raya comes with a hefty subscription fee, so it is not among the most popular free hookup apps. Also, it only works on iOS devices. However, if you want to ditch the swiping game for a better chance at dating people, this app should suit you just fine.

Plenty of Fish (POF)

Plenty of Fish is a well-known dating app for casual hookups. It features users from all over the world and a large selection of possible matches. You can use it on both iOS and Android-running smartphones to meet and date people in your area.

POF has you playing the Tinder-like swiping game, but it comes with additional features that make your hunt for casual sex more fun. Engaging in video calls and sparking conversations is accessible on this hookup app for adults. Unfortunately, as a male user, you will have to deal with disproportionate gender representation yet again.

99 Flavors

This sexting app for couples is ideal for married people. This category of dating app users often gets the cold shoulder on Tinder. So, if you and your partner want to hook up with other couples or singles in the area, you should check it out.

99 Flavors is a sex dating app that puts you in contact with possible lovers from all over the world. While it has a generous database of friends with benefits, this app also comes with a hefty subscription fee. If you and your swinging partner can afford it, then you get access to a whole new world of potential sexual adventures.


Hinge is a dating app that looks a lot like Tinder. It also works similarly to the popular hookup site, and it even uses your Facebook account to set up future dates with your friends and their acquaintances.

Where Hinge differs from other top sex apps is that it makes you go through a lengthy questionnaire that ultimately narrows down your dating choices. Depending on your answers, you can match with a potential partner that has similar hobbies, interests and quirks as you do.

Hinge gets more exciting when you reach questions about sex and fetishes. Answering them may provide you with the perfect match to satisfy your wildest sexual fantasies.


Last, but not least, we have AdultFriendFinder app for sex dates. This mobile application looks like one of the best sex dating sites due to its explicit interface. As a user, you can straightforwardly post your intentions and back it up with photos too.

AdultFriendFinder is the sex app that minimizes all the flirting and sexting that usually takes place on Tinder. For this reason, and other exciting features, however, you will have to pay a reasonable monthly subscription.