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Connect with thousands of people in your area. Talk about common interests & choose the right activity to suit your preferences. OR get TO THE POINT right away and let your actions talk by themselves.

Above anything else, we try to keep things simple.

  • No strings attached.
  • No hassle.
  • No complicated settings.
  • No tedious requirements.

Invite your partner out to see a movie, book a table at your favorite restaurant or even plan a trip together.

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One of the biggest ACTIVE users database out there. And that's not all. For us, the quality of your time matters the most. Thus, we're striving to think “quality first” and make a difference. Matchmaking is in your hands.



Contact the people you want based on your preferences. Bookmark them, save them for future references. Build a list with your favorite gems. Get a boost to get higher positions in our tops. See who is online. Reach out.



Contact online users or your favorites from previous chats. Talk about things you like. Stay informed and make sure your matchmaking desires are met. Our chat is our communication tool, encrypted, 100% secure. You are the only one in charge.


Take action

Do the things you like upon agreement. We may suggest some activities, but you shouldn't stick to that only. Fancy restaurant? No problem. Clubs, latest top movies? We got you covered. Going on a trip? Not alone, we hope!


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Free Sex App

6APP is free and always will.

Some features will be paid, like boosting your profile to be seen by more people. As we're striving to become the best app for casual sex, through our simplicity and users database, we promise to keep our prices unrivalled by any other sex app on the market.

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Searching for people in your target area had never been easier. Find the closest people to you in real time, see their online status in the sex app. Engage in meaningful conversations and monitor one's activity if they choose to interact.

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Private, secured and verified

Live verification

You may ask for verification directly on chat. Your partner may set up the phone camera to show you exactly what to expect. Unwanted surprises are in the past.

Privacy comes first

Nobody will ever know your name from the listings. You may choose to reveal whatever you want from your identity, if you want.

End to End Encryption

Chat is 100% secured and encrypted. That means you and your partner(s) will be the only ones to know what's been written in your conversations.

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